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About Us

About Us

About John A. Maggio LUTCF

VICISSITUDES [ vi-sis-i-tood, -tyood ]

Successive, alternating, or changing phases or conditions, as of life or fortune; ups and downs

This is the first word I learned from my mentor in the Insurance Industry. It has served me well in managing my business.

Being an advisor in today’s world is composed of a skill set of educator, student, good listener, and most important is finding the next solution for my clients and prospects.

Adjectives that are associated with what I do! Creative Tenacious, Analytical, Humorous and being there for the life cycle of my clients and their family.

There are two items in my office one is a clock that was given to me by a cousin, because I stated that the most important fact I bring to my client is “How Much Do They Need and When Do They Need It?”. The second item is a family reunion picture from 1992 of my extended family. It captures four generations of my family.

Member of: St. Philomena’s Parish and Knights of Columbus

Education: B.A. Economics St. Ambrose University.
23 hours completed for M.A. Iowa State University and Northern Illinois.

My ongoing education comes from the following sources:
1. My clients and projects
2. My 26 hour of continuing Education from the Industry.
3. My family and friends

Work Experience:
University of Chicago Hospital and Clinics. (1 year)
Dunn and Bradstreet Commercial Credit. (5 years)
Computer Systems Honeywell Federal Systems. (8 years)

Insurance Industry Experience: 28 years

Member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. (NAIFA)

Areas of concentration is Life Insurance and Retirement Planning.

  • Company Overview

    Maggio Financial Services was established in 1992. My goal is to provide the best solution in today’s ever changing economy. The constant question from clients is, “How much will I need and, more importantly, when do I need it?”

    • Mission

      My mission is to provide solutions for wealth accumulation, using life insurance and annuities. This safety net allows for a more definitive timeline for accumulation and a flexible path of distribution.

    • Products

      Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Fixed Annuities, Fixed Indexed Annuities, Health Insurance and Medicare Supplements

Team Members

Mr. Jack Maggio

Mr. Jack Maggio

Financial Advisor

Being an advisor in today’s world is composed of a skill set of educator, student, good listener, and most important is finding the next solution for my clients and prospects.

Dea Sullivan

Dea Sullivan


I enjoy learning new things and keeping busy.  My analytical mind is focused on helping our clients achieve their financial goals.


John Maggio is thorough and he gives you options, which is the main reason that I would recommend Maggio Financial.  Before working with John Maggio, I only had a pension and 401K from my years at Keystone Steel and Wire. And now, I have protected my wealth with Maggio Financial


“Jack is family. He is honest and will get the best plan for you. Before Maggio Financial, retirement planning was a little scary. I know that Jack Maggio will do what is best for my family. My number one goal that I have achieved with Maggio Financial is taking care of my family. If you are considering Maggio Financial, know that Jack will do what is best for you.”


“My mother introduced me to Maggio Financial.  I was very young and had no plan. The main reason I would recommend Maggio Financial is that Jack’s honesty and how much he cares for his clients.  Say “Yes!” if you are considering Maggio Financial, I have achieved financial security working with Jack.


“I choose Maggio Financial on the recommendation of a family friend.  Before Maggio Financial, my retirement planning was inconsistent and I was tired of product pushing from other companies.  Jack Maggio gives good product information and offers different products for investment. He answers calls promptly. If I have questions, he will get me the answers. He was helpful in financial plains with my mom.  Since using Maggio Financial starting in 2008, I have had consistent planning and asset preservation. Give Jack a call and talk to him–he’s knowledgeable about what he does! He cares about his people and gives them options for their financial future. He wants you to understand your choices.”


“I have been with Maggio Financial so long that I have forgotten why I choose Jack. What makes me most happy about working with Maggio Financial is that Jack is more of a friend than a business associate. He is straight to the point, no fluff. If you are considering Maggio Financial, just do it. No regrets.”