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    Need Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

    At Maggio Financial Services, we care about the health of our clients. That’s why we offer Medicare Supplemental Insurance to help cover the costs of copayments, coinsurance and deductibles on various medical services and supplies. This additive is available to individuals ages 65 or older who are either new to Medicare or are looking to add extra coverage to an existing plan.

    Health Insurance When and Where You Need It

    Why would someone need Medicare Supplemental Insurance? To understand the answer to this question, you first have to know about Traditional Medicare. Traditional Medicare provides health insurance coverage to senior-aged individuals all over the US. It acts as a safety net for hospital, medical and prescription drug expenses. But like all nets, it does not catch everything. This is why Medicare Supplemental Insurance was created. Commonly called Medigap, the additive protects against outstanding expenses, thus “closing the gaps” commonly found in standard solutions. Beyond acting as an extra cushion to our client’s current health care plans, Medicare Supplemental Insurance also offers the following benefits:

    • A 30 Day Return Policy
    • Automatic Renewal Options
    • Predictable Premiums
    • Flexibility in Physicians
    • Standardized Benefits
    • Non-Restrictive Networks
    • Mobile Coverage
    • And More!

    Choosing the Coverage Plan That’s Right For You

    When it comes to Medicare Supplemental Insurance, there are an array of coverage plans you can choose from. These policies are titled according to a different letter of the alphabet and vary in terms of care, coverage and charges. When you partner with us, we’ll sit down and walk you through each option, evaluating your needs to help pair you with the best possible plan.

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    Want to know more about our Medicare Supplemental Insurance services in Peoria IL? Check out a few of the following frequently asked questions:

    • When should I invest in Medicare Supplemental Insurance? – The prime time to invest in supplemental insurance is during what is called your Open Enrollment Period. This period spans the length of about six months, which you acquire eligibility for at age 65. You must be enrolled in traditional Medicare Medical Insurance to qualify.
    • Can I still get this type of insurance even after the open enrollment period ends? – Yes. But the policy is only available under certain circumstances, such as a recent loss or cancelation of a current coverage plan. This offer is time-sensitive, so any interested clients should come and talk to us immediately.
    • What doesn’t Medicare Supplemental Insurance cover? – Medicare Supplemental Insurance does not cover traditional vision and dental costs. If you find yourself needing financial support for either of these items, consider investing in a seperate insurance plan.

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    Are you tired of paying out of pocket for costly medical expenses? Maybe it’s time to move to Medicare Supplemental Insurance. To learn more about this offering, schedule an appointment with us today. Call us at (309) 693-8538, or stop by and see us at our office. We are located at 1322 W Marlene Ave, Peoria, IL 61614, and proudly offer financial advice on all things insurance, annuities, retirement and real estate.